Immigrate to Australia from Canada

Canadian citizens and residents can immigrate to Australia from Canada. Depending on the purpose of the stay, as well as its duration, the residents of Canada will need to apply for various types of visas. The application process and the formalities that should be completed can vary depending on the document necessary for case, and this is why it is recommended to request in-depth legal assistance to our immigration lawyer in Australia.

Does Australia offer a work holiday visa for Canadians?

A visa for Canadian to Australia that is prescribed by the Australian immigration legislation is the Working Holiday Visa. This type of immigration document will allow the holder of the visa to travel in the country, work here for a limited period of time and participate in various trainings. Its basic characteristics are mentioned below:


  • the visa for Canadian to Australia issued as a Working Holiday Visa can be found under the Visa Subclass 417;
  • persons who apply for it must have Canadian citizenship and must also have an age of 18-35 years old;
  • Canadians can participate in this visa program for up to 3 times, each participation having a duration of 12 months;
  • for the visa issuance, one can work in Australia for maximum 12 months (but generally a 6 months employment contract will be signed) and travel for 4 months;
  • a person requesting a visa for Canadian to Australia for the 2nd time, will benefit from the same scheme as above, but the participation is allowed only for those who have worked for at least 3 months for a job listed in the “specified work” category in their first arrival here, while for the 3rd round of applications, one must complete a 6 months work of “specified work” in the 2nd visa round.

Persons who want to immigrate from Canada to Australia can request more information on the visa application process from our immigration lawyer. It is important to know that up-to-date information on the visa requirements can be found on the official website of the Canadian Government.


We invite you to watch the following video, which presents the main steps in immigrating to Australia from Canada:

Can Canadians become Australian citizens?

Yes, persons who immigrate to Australia from Canada are entitled to obtain Australian citizenship, which can be granted through several legal pathways, most common being by conferral. This implies that a person received a residence permit in Australia that is issued on a permanent basis. The option is available if the visa for Canadian to Australia was issued for family reunification purposes, work purposes or business purposes, but also based on humanitarian reasons.

As a general rule, everything starts with the issuance of a visa for Canadian to Australia, then obtaining the permanent residency and only after this, the right to Australian citizenship can be granted. The procedure can vary based on the age of the person also (a different rule applies for persons who have an age above 60 years old).

Persons who want to immigrate to Canada from Australia on a permanent basis, and who are interested in the naturalization process, should know that the legislation prescribes only few legal options for this: naturalization by conferral, by adoption and by descent. There is also the possibility of regaining your Australian citizenship in the case you renounced it at a given moment. For this latter situation, you can request in-depth legal advice from our immigration lawyer in Australia.

What are the basic visa options for Canadians?

The possibility of obtaining a visa for Canadian to Australia is extended to all the visa options prescribed by the national legislation. Canadians can obtain visas for tourism purposes, work holiday purposes or participating in unpaid programs. As a young person, one can opt to study here and the study visa will be required for almost all foreign nationals.

A common way to obtain a visa for Canadian to Australia is represented by the work visas. Family reunification programs are also a possibility for those who want to relocate here. In this case, one can apply for this immigration document if a Canadian lives here as a visa holder or as a permanent resident. Persons who are close relatives of Australian natives or of persons who have obtained citizenship here can also apply for a visa prescribed by the family reunification visa class.

In the case in which the visa for Canadian to Australia expires, one should know that there is the possibility of extending the duration of the stay. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Australia for more details on other options for temporary or permanent relocation to this country or for other visa types (for medical purposes, for example).