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Immigration Services in Brisbane

Immigration Services in Brisbane

Immigration services in Brisbane are available for any foreigners wishing to relocate in this region or for those who want to prolong their stay. Immigration in Brisbane also refers to permanent residency or citizenship.

If you are interested in applying for citizenship in Australia, you must know that you will need to pay certain processing fees, that vary based on the circumstances in which you apply.

The fee system was updated last in 2021. For instance, for citizenship by descent, the standard fee is of AUD 315 and where there are subsequent applicants (as siblings), a fee of AUD 130 is charged. Our lawyers can provide more details.

Our team can offer further information on other fees charged by the immigration authorities, so that you can be fully aware of the costs associated with relocation in this country.

For instance, if you will apply for residence in Australia through the Global Talent visa (Subclass 858), you must be prepared to pay a processing fee of AUD 4,305, while the fee for the Subclass 403 is only AUD 315.

If you need legal advice regarding any immigration matter, our Australia migration lawyer can provide you with the necessary information; you can also rely on our attorney in the case you need legal representation.

Immigration in Brisbane – main visa pathways

All foreigners who want to relocate to Brisbane must know that they have to be the holder of visas issued for the specific purpose of stay. Visa exemptions are available, but only in certain cases, such as it is for New Zealand nationals.

Currently, one can immigrate to Brisbane by applying for one of the 6 categories of visas available in Australia, as follows: 1) tourism visas, 2) study visas, 3) work visas, 4) family reunification visas, 5) refugee/humanitarian visas, 6) visas for permanent residency.

There are also other types of visas that can be used for immigration in Brisbane. Some of these visas are presented in the list below:

  • bridging visas (Subclass 010, Subclass 020, Subclass 030, Subclass 050 and Subclass 051) – they can be issued while a substantive visa is still processed;
  • crew visas (Subclass 942 and Subclass 988) – issued for the non-military maritime and airline crews;
  • medical treatment visa (Subclass 602) – issued for persons who seek medical treatment in Australia or for those who will donate an organ;
  • former resident visa (Subclass 151) – available for persons who used to be residents of Australia and who want to regain their residency;
  • confirmatory residence visa (Subclass 808) – issued for the former holders of Norfolk Islands residence permits.

Our immigration services in Brisbane cover all the above mentioned visas, and persons who are entitled to apply for such documents can receive legal advice from our team.

When can a foreigner qualify for citizenship in Australia?

There are many foreigners who relocate to Brisbane for the purpose of becoming permanent residents and then apply for Australian citizenship.

This can be a lengthy process, but it can start after only 4 years of living in Brisbane and 1 year of permanent residency.

However, this procedure can be a short one compared to most of the countries across the world, where the citizenship formalities can start after 10 years of living in the respective jurisdictions.

If you want to become a citizen, do not hesitate to request in-depth information from our immigration lawyer in Australia.

Our lawyer can assist those who are entitled to citizenship by any of the following legal paths: 1) by birth, 2) by descent and 3) by conferral.

Most of the foreigners who move to Brisbane will qualify for the 3rd option, which refers to the procedure through which a foreigner who has become a permanent resident can apply for citizenship.

Immigration in Brisbane for the purpose of citizenship by conferral can be achieved by the following categories: 1) persons with an age of 18 to 59 years old who are Australian permanent residents, 2) children with an age of 16 or 17 years or 3) New Zealand nationals.

A 4th category refers to children with an age below 15 years old who can apply only with the assistance of a parent/legal guardian.

The following are also entitled: 1) partners/spouses of Australian citizens, 2) refugees/persons who opted for immigration in Brisbane for humanitarian reasons, 3) migrants eligible under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme.

Persons eligible under any of these pathways can benefit from our immigration services in Brisbane. If you need advice on immigration in Brisbane, please contact our immigration lawyer in Australia.