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Immigrate to Australia from UAE

Immigrate to Australia from UAE

Persons who immigrate to Australia from UAE (United Arab Emirates) must apply for a visa when arriving in this country. This requirement is imposed to all foreign nationals, as Australia does not have a visa-free regime. There are few exemptions from this rule, but they apply only to a few nationals and to specific situations.

As such, those who plan to travel are invited to find out in-depth information on the visa processing from our immigration lawyer in Australia. You can rely on our lawyer for information on short-term stay visas, long-term stays and residency in Australia.

Visa for short-term stays in Australia

The most common way to relocate to Australia for a short stay is by applying for a Visitor Visa. This visa can be issued for a few reasons, that are not limited only to tourism activities. The document can also be requested in the case in which an Emirati national arrives here for business purposes.

However, if a person will immigrate to Australia from UAE for short-term stays and for business purposes at the same time, then the foreigner must apply for the Tourist Visa – Business visitor stream, which is included in the same visa class (Subclass 600).

It is also important to know that the Subclass 600 has different requirements and benefits based on the selected stream (tourism or business). Our Australia migration lawyer listed below some of these characteristics:

  • the tourist stream can grant the right of staying here for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months;
  • the business stream allows foreigners a visit of maximum 3 months (more specifically, 90 days);
  • for both streams, applicants must pay the same fee – AUD 190;
  • for Emirati nationals, there is a fast-track visa application process, for which applicants must pay a fee of AUD 1,000;
  • those who opt for this prioritization system can benefit from a very rapid visa processing, of only 48 hours.

Emirati nationals who want to obtain their visa as soon as possible must initiate the procedure with the Australian embassy working in UAE (they can address the Dubai or Abu Dhabi locations). For this, they need to submit the Form 1472 – Visitor visa – Business Visitor and Tourist streams – Fast-track Processing.

What documents are necessary for visa processing in Australia?

Emiratis must prepare a variety of documents when applying for a visa, as per the rules of immigration to Australia. The documentation can differ, in accordance with the visa type of interest (different documentation is required for business visas, compared to family reunification visas).

In order to migrate to Australia, Emirati nationals will be asked to provide personal documentation concerning their marital status, income, dependent children, but also documentation concerning their education, work experience, business activity, etc. In the list below, you can discover some of the main papers that can be required for immigration in Australia:

  1. the valid passport;
  2. identity documents issued by the Emirati authorities;
  3. a recent photograph that respects the international size standard;
  4. various certificates, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.;
  5. documentation concerning residency in Australia (provided that the relocation is made on a long-term basis);
  6. bank statements attesting that the person who will relocate to Australia from UAE has the minimum financial resources imposed for the visa the person needs;
  7. employment documentation, etc.

We invite you to find out further information on the visa application process from our lawyer. Our attorney can offer the necessary legal support throughout the entire procedure and can ease the process of relocation. If you plan to migrate to Australia from UAE on a permanent basis, you can find out from our lawyer the procedure for Australian citizenship, so do not hesitate to contact us.