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Immigrate to Australia from South Korea

Immigrate to Australia from South Korea

There are specific immigration procedures to follow for those who want to immigrate to Australia from South Korea. Visa formalities are always applicable and South Koreans do not benefit from visa exemptions, as it can be the case of New Zealanders arriving here.

However, depending on the purpose and the duration of stay, different visa formalities will apply, in the sense that certain visas have simple, very basic formalities, while others require complex visa procedures.

Thus, the process to immigrate to Australia from South Korea will vary greatly; because of this, we invite you to address to our Australia migration lawyer.

Latest immigration rules for South Koreans

The rules for immigration in Australia can modify from time to time, through the introduction of new conditions for a visa, through the creation of a new visa type and so on.

Persons who will relocate to Australia from South Korea must know that new rules have been imposed regarding the collection of biometric data. You can find out in the list below some of the rules published by the Australian Embassy working in South Korea:

  • starting with 16 August 2022, persons who apply for a visa in Australia and who are South Korean nationals must complete biometrics formalities;
  • this involves taking 1 photograph of the visa applicant and a 10 digit electronic fingerprint;
  • the biometrics requirement does not apply when South Koreans apply for a Subclass 417 visa;
  • persons who immigrate to Australia from South Korea and who are South Korean passport holders do not have to comply with biometrics procedures if they apply for the Subclass 400 and Subclass 600 visas;
  • starting with 6 July 2022, foreigners who immigrate to Australia do not have to present any documents regarding their Covid-19 vaccinations.

Please mind that the biometrics exemption is also extended to those who apply for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), which is a visa in electronic format that is issued for those who move to Australia for short-term stays related to tourism.

However, those who do need to comply with biometrics procedures will have to address to the Australian Biometric Collection Center that is located in Seoul.

What are the immigration formalities for the ETA in Australia?

A simple way to immigrate to Australia from South Korea is to apply for the ETA; this, of course, can be done only for certain purposes and it can’t be used as a pathway to permanent relocation to this country.

We advise South Koreans to request in-depth legal assistance from our immigration lawyer in Australia regarding any visa options that allow long-term/permanent relocation.

The ETA is a document that South Koreans can use to move to Australia since 2001, as long as their purpose of stay is related to: 1) tourism or 2) business.

The document can be issued with a validity of:

  1. 3 months;
  2. 6 months;
  3. 12 months.

The advantage of this visa is that it allows multiple entries in this country, with the mention that the South Korean can’t stay in Australia for a period longer than 90 days at a time.

The application for this visa has to be concluded prior to the arrival in the country, so any South Korean interested in obtaining this document should complete the visa formalities before the departure.

Please mind that, although one doesn’t have to initiate the visa formalities with many months before the arrival, it is best to apply for it with at least 3 days before the date established to relocate to Australia from South Korea.

One can immigrate to Australia from South Korea under the ETA visa for short-term studies too. Our lawyer can present how to immigrate to Australia from South Korea under other visa types; thus, we invite you to contact our Australia migration lawyer for in-depth advice.

We invite you to contact us if you want to apply for a permanent visa. Our lawyers can help you select the most suitable visa type for which you can qualify based on your circumstances.

A permanent visa can also open the opportunity for citizenship in Australia, and our team can present what are the main requirements in this sense and the conditions you must fulfill and maintain throughout the years.

There are many categories of visas that offer residency in Australia as long-term residency or permanent. For instance, one can apply for the Subclass 114 – Aged Dependent Relative visa, which is issued on a permanent basis.

Persons arriving for work or for business can apply for the Subclass 890 – Business Owner visa, which is also issued as a permanent document.