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Immigrate to Australia from Lebanon

Immigrate to Australia from Lebanon

Persons who are interested to immigrate to Australia from Lebanon are required to apply for a visa suitable for the reason of their relocation to this country. However, at the moment, the consular mission of the Australian Embassy in Lebanon does not receive in-person applications and all inquiries regarding visa applications and citizenship matters will have to be addressed online.

If you want to apply for Australian citizenship, you must know that there are 3 main ways to acquire it:

  1. by birth (when a child is born from Australian parents, in Australia or overseas);
  2. by descent (when a person is born outside Australia and he or she has a parent who was an Australian citizen at the moment of the birth);
  3. by conferral (when a person is not related to Australia in any way).

If you need legal advice on the visa application process and the type of visa that is most suitable to your situation, our immigration lawyer in Australia remains at your disposal and can guide you through the entire procedure; you can also rely on our lawyer if you want to move to Australia on a long-term basis.

Immigrate to Australia from Lebanon – main visa types

There are many categories of visas that are prescribed by the law for immigration in Australia, and they are mainly divided between short-term stay visas and long-term stay visas. A person from Lebanon can arrive here for various reasons, and common visas that are usually requested by foreigners of all nationalities are the visitor and family visas.

If you want to immigrate to Australia from Lebanon on a short-term basis, the visitor visa represents a common visa that can be granted rather easily and the document can be used for visiting the country for a limited period of time. The family visa stream is available for those who have a relative living in Australia as a permanent resident or as a person who has arrived here for employment, business or other purposes.

However, these visa options are suitable only for those who move to Australia for a short period of time and in the case in which relocation to this country is done with the purpose of staying here on a long-term or on a permanent basis, then visas which grant the right to permanent residency should be obtained; extensive information on these visas can be presented by our Australia migration lawyer but you can also find below some of the visas classes that can grant permanent residency.

How can one permanently immigrate to Australia from Lebanon?

When applying for a visa for permanent residency, the foreigner will benefit from certain advantages, besides the right to migrate to Australia on an indefinite basis. However, in order to obtain these visas, the applicant has to qualify for the respective visas, which generally have more conditions to fulfill compared to short-term stay visas.

A large part of the permanent residency visas that can be obtained by those who immigrate to Australia from Lebanon is designed for foreigners who have a high level of education and qualifications in specific categories of jobs, for instance. Here, one can apply for the Subclass 190 – Skilled Nominated Visa, designed for persons who can relocate to Australia for employment purposes. Below, we will present few of the characteristics of this visa stream:

  • one can apply for this visa type if their qualification is amongst the 190 visa occupation list approved by the Australia immigration authorities;
  • starting with June 2020, any applicant will qualify only if the visa application obtains at least 65 points (it represents a point-based visa);
  • the applicant must also meet an age requirement – only persons with ages between 18 to 44 will be accepted;
  • it represents a type of visa where the applicant makes an Expression of Interest, which, if approved, will open the opportunity of applying for the visa in maximum 60 days since the approval was granted;
  • please mind that if you immigrate to Australia from Lebanon under this visa type, you will need to pay a visa fee of $4,045 plus other additional costs.

Another visa type that grants the right to permanent residency is the Subclass 189 – the Skilled Independent Work Visa. Here, similar requirements as the ones mentioned above will apply, but the age requirement is extended to those with an age of maximum 50 years old.

One can obtain residence in Australia on a permanent basis under this visa type based on a point system. Please mind that the visa is available only for persons who have an age below 45 years old.

The processing fee charged for the issuance of the visa is of AUD 4,240 and it is important to know that the visa processing can take from minimum 45 days to maximum 45 months.

Another visa for skilled work is the 191 visa – the Skilled Work Regional Visa – Provisional. It can be used as a way to immigrate to Australia from Lebanon as a person who is considered an eligible skilled worker; the visa grants the right to permanent residency to the applicant, as well as to his or her close family members.

The investor visa for Australia can be an option for those who are able to make the minimum investments, according to the current conditions.

One has to know that this visa is created to attract skilled employees in specific regions of the country. It is also a point-based visa and if you need more details on how to apply for any of the visas presented here, we invite you to contact our Australia migration lawyer. Our attorney can help in the steps required to relocate to Australia from Lebanon and can also provide information on the citizenship regulations for those who want to become Australian citizens.