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Immigrate to Australia from China

Immigrate to Australia from China

Chinese passport holders who want to immigrate to Australia from China must comply with complex immigration procedures, regardless of the reasons for which they want to arrive in this country. This means that, prior to the arrival in Australia, the Chinese citizen has to apply for a visa designated for the purpose of stay for which the person wants to arrive in this country.

The legislation on immigration in Australia prescribes five basic categories of visas, namely visas issued for visiting purposes, visas for employment, visas for studying in Australia, visas for relocating in this country or visas for returning residents; the latter are persons who have previously obtained a residence permit in Australia. According to the latest immigration procedures available in this country, Chinese citizens can now apply online for most of the visas available in this country.

Those who will apply for Australian residency (on a permanent basis) may be required to comply with certain health requirements. This means that the applicants should provide evidence of being in a good health and being free of any diseases that can be of threat to the national public health.

This can refer to diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, yellow fever and others.

Persons interested in obtaining residence in Australia may need to comply with different policies based on the visa that they want to obtain. Thus, the rules can vary for visas for short-term stays and for visas for permanent stays.

The costs associated with these 2 categories of visas will also vary greatly (the costs for permanent visas are considerably higher compared to those for short-term stays visas).

It must also be noted that the person who wants to relocate to Australia from China holds full responsibility for obtaining the necessary visa and in the case in which the formalities are not completed as per the regulations of the immigration law, the access in this country may be denied, and this is available for all foreigners, regardless of their nationality.

What should Chinese foreigners know about the basic Australian visas?

Our immigration lawyer in Australia can provide in-depth information on all the visa categories that are available for Chinese citizens, and can also present the legal formalities one must follow for the issuance of the visa. However, Chinese citizens should be aware that some of the most common visas that are issued in this country are not available for their nationality.

The full list of visas issued by the Australian authorities, as well as the steps applicable for Chinese citizens can be analyzed on the website of the Australian Embassy in China; however, our Australia migration lawyer remains at your disposal for professional advice on such immigration documents. With regards to basic visas issued by the Australian officials, Chinese citizens should know that the following apply:

  • • Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – Chinese citizens can relocate to Australia from China for a period of maximum 12 months under this visa (entries of 3, 6 or 12 months per visit are available);
    • Transit Visa (subclass 771) – the document is necessary for Chinese citizens who transit this country to another destination and the document has a validity of maximum 72 hours;
    • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601) – although this is a common document used for travelling purposes that provide the right of staying here for up to 3 months, the ETA is not open to Chinese nationals in most of the cases;
    • Medical Treatment Visa (subclass 602) – Chinese citizens can migrate to Australia for a limited period of time if they need medical treatment and it must be noted that most of the visa applications (75% of all the requests) can be processed in a period of 30 days;
    • eVisitor (subclass 651) – this is another type of visa which grants the rights to visits of up to 3 months (it can also be used for business purposes), but Chinese citizens are not eligible for this visa.

How can Chinese citizens immigrate to Australia from China on a long-term basis?

Chinese citizens who want to move to Australia from China with the purpose of becoming permanent residents (achieved by receiving a residence permit in Australia) or even obtaining  Australian citizenship can access one of the following legal paths: the family migration program, the skilled migration program or the business skills program. Persons who want to arrive here from China for business purposes can use this visa program for contract negotiations in Australia, participating in conferences, seminars and other similar events.

Chinese nationals who want to apply for citizenship in Australia must know that the procedure can take minimum 6 months from the date of the application until the issuance of a decision. After that, since the approval to the citizenship ceremony, 3 other months can pass by.

Overall, the shortest amount of time required to become a citizen can be of 11 months, after which, the foreigner can apply for an Australian passport.

Prior to starting the immigration process, Chinese citizens must know that Australia requires all foreign citizens to meet certain requirements – this can refer to the health of the applicants, their health insurance, the financial aspects (foreign citizens must make proof that they have sufficient funds to support the cost of living in Australia), the good character requirement and others, which can be presented by our lawyer.

Those who immigrate to Australia from China may need to take a health examination in the case in which they want to stay in this country for more than 6 months, if they are above 75 years old, if they arrive here for medical treatment, if they are pregnant and want to give birth here, if they will work in the health system as doctors, nurses, paramedics or if they will work with children.

Numerous other aspects have to be considered by those who move to Australia on a long term basis and this why we highly recommend you to address to our immigration lawyer, who can assist you in all areas of the immigration law and can help you ease the process of relocating here. Our lawyer can offer in-depth advice on the legislation regulating the manner in which a foreigner can be granted with Australian citizenship.