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Australia Digital Nomad Visa

Australia Digital Nomad Visa

If you are planning to obtain an Australia Digital Nomad Visa, you should know that the country does not provide for a specific visa program related to this matter. However, if you want to migrate to Australia for a limited period of time and to live a flexible life in different countries as a digital nomad, you can qualify under various different visas.

The most suitable type of visa that you can obtain in this particular situation must be decided depending on the duration of stay; in most cases, persons who relocate here for a limited period of time will choose a tourist visa, as this immigration document can be easily obtained and does not create many obligations to its holder. For advice on how to obtain the Australia Digital Nomad Visa, our immigration lawyer remains at your disposal.

Why select a tourist visa for the Digital Nomad Visa in Australia?

Applying for a tourist visa as a digital nomad will provide only advantages for the foreigner. The tourist visa stream is generally created for those who want to stay in Australia for a limited period of time (the duration can vary depending on the visa stream selected). This program also allows the right of developing specific activities, besides visiting the country and it can be the ideal solution for a person who needs the Australia nomad visa.

As an applicant of an Australia Digital Nomad Visa, it is understood that the person will want to travel to Australia and to actively engage in various activities that are prescribed by the visa, while developing a work activity in the online environment, which is not related to Australia and which allows the person to work remotely.

In this case, you may want to apply for any of the visas presented in the list below; our Australia migration lawyer can offer in-depth details on the application process, as well as on any other obligations you can have once the visas are issued:

  • the Subclass 600 – the Tourist Stream visa, for which the application must be started when the foreigner is outside Australia;
  • according to the law on immigration in Australia, the Subclass 600 grants the right to stay in this country for a period of 12 months;
  • the eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651) – according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, this visa also grants the right of developing specific business activities;
  • the Subclass 651 grants the right to stay here for a period of 3 months at a time in a 12 months period;
  • another way to obtain the Australia Digital Nomad Visa is by applying for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) – the ETA (or the Subclass 601) allows the right to stay here for a period of maximum 3 months in a period of 12 months.

What is the quality of the Australian internet?

If you want to obtain a digital nomad Australia visa, you will most likely be interested in the quality of the internet and the types of internet services you can obtain from local services providers. In this regard, you must know that Australia does not have the world’s best internet, but it is considered to be a country where internet services are of good quality, and this means that you will be able to carry your work activities in good conditions.

We invite you to watch a short video on the Australia digital nomad visa:

According to a report measuring the internet speed on October 2021, Australia ranked on the 59th place, accounting for 82,58 Mbps calculated as mean fixed broadband speed (compared to 270,25 Mbps registered for Monaco, the world’s leading country). However, persons seeking to obtain the Australia digital nomad visa should know that the ranking of the country, measured as a median fixed broadband speed places Australia on the 54th place (with 51,89 Mbps).

One should also know that Australia provides not only fixed internet, but also mobile, which has become increasingly popular for all smartphone users. Regarding this matter, Australia has better internet services, so the holders of the digital nomad visa in Australia can rest assured that their work activities will be easily handled.

Here, Australia ranks as the 12th nation, with a download speed of 81,14 Mbps (data measured for November 2021). When you will relocate here, you will need to subscribe to a local internet service provider and if you need advice on this matter, our immigration lawyer in Australia can help you.

If you will live in a rented apartment, which is the case for most of the holders of an Australia nomad visa, you will most likely benefit from internet services that were selected by the owner of the property. Still, our Australia migration lawyer remains at your disposal if you need to sign a rental agreement with an Australian landlord; our lawyer can help you apply for a digital nomad Australia visa as well.

Given that the digital nomad visa is an immigration document that is issued for a limited period of time, foreigners will not have the right to use this visa as a way to citizenship in Australia.

Foreigners who will become interested in permanent relocation should find other visas, designed for this purpose, and then to see which is the one most suitable for their particular situation.

Most of the visas that grant residence in Australia on a permanent basis are issued in the work stream visa, but other options can be explored as well (family stream, investor stream).

Some of the permanent visas are: the Subclass 890 – Business owner visa, the Subclass 123 – Business Talent (permanent) visa, the Subclass 187 – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa.