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Whether you want to work for a determined period of time in Australia or you want to permanently relocate to this country, you can always benefit from the professional immigration services provided by lawyers specialized in this field. You can also be advised on the procedures you must follow if you are interested in obtaining Australian citizenship.

Although a person can handle the complex process on his or her own, the assistance one can obtain from our immigration lawyer in Australia will have a much higher impact on the entire migration procedure, as a person specialized in this field of work will definitely ease the legal procedures through which various immigration documents can be obtained. For instance, our lawyer can present how to obtain a residence permit in Australia for limited stays or for permanent relocation here.

Given the wide range of immigration documents one can obtain here, and the wide category of papers that have to be prepared for each type of document, persons interested in immigration in Australia should request consultancy services from our lawyer, who can represent them in numerous immigration cases. You can find out below some of the basic services you can benefit from when addressing our Australia migration lawyer.

How can our immigration lawyer in Australia help foreigners?

As a foreigner, you are entitled to migrate to Australia for a set of reasons. One can relocate here on a short-term, on a long-term, or on a permanent basis. Foreigners can come here for employment-related reasons, to reunite with their close family members currently living in Australia, for study purposes or getting married to their partner, who is an Australian citizen by birth or who has obtained Australian citizenship, these being some of the basic reasons.

Foreigners can also request asylum in this country and during this process, they will need to be represented by an interpreter (if there are any language barriers) and by a local lawyer. You can refer to our Australia migration lawyer on the rights one has as a refugee in this country. You can request the help of our lawyer for the following immigration services:

• obtaining information on the types of visas available for foreigners, which can vary based on the nationality of the applicant, the purpose of stay, the duration of stay and other reasons;
• applying for a specific type of visa – the law for those who want to migrate to Australia provides an extensive list of visas;
• preparing the documents required by the local authorities for a specific category of visas;
• legal advice on the procedures a foreigner can follow in the case in which the visa application was denied (the applicant is entitled to appeal the decision);
• legal representation in the process that must be completed when the foreigner will permanently relocate to Australia (this is done by requesting a residence permit in Australia, after living here for a specified amount of time);
• legal advice on the legislation regulating the way a foreigner can obtain Australian citizenship and what conditions the applicant must meet at the moment when the application is made.

What are the immigration trends in Australia?

As a general rule, the number of persons who migrate to Australia has been constantly increasing. However, the data gathered by the Statistics Department of the Parliament of Australia show various increasing or decreasing trends for different category of immigration documents (when comparing the number of documents issued in 2006-2007 and those issued a decade later, in 2016-2017), as follows:

• in 2006-2007, the local institutions issued 143,090 temporary visas, while in 2016-2017, they issued 185,450 temporary visas;
immigration to Australia for vocational education and the training sector recorded a decrease throughout the decade (in 2006-2007 there were 16,600 persons arriving here for this purpose, while in 2016-2017, there were only 4,530);
• the visas issued for higher education purposes registered an expansion (41,920 visas in 2006-2007 and 75,550 visas in 2016-2017);
• there was also observed an increasing demand for visitor visas (25,850 visas in 2006-2007 and 53,710 visas in 2016-2017);
immigration to Australia on a permanent basis kept its steady growth rate (79,810 permanent visas in 2006-2007 and 85,250 permanent visas in 2016-2017, obtained by requesting the issuance of a permanent residence permit in Australia).

What are the basic categories of visas in Australia?

Currently, immigration in Australia can take place based on five main categories of visas, divided as follows: employer-sponsored visas, skilled visas – which also refer to immigration documents issued for employment purposes, but for those who have obtained a degree in their field or who have in-depth experience in the field of work, business visas, family visas and visas which grant the right of studying here.

You can request information from our Australia migration lawyer on each type of visa included in the above-mentioned categories. You can contact our lawyer for advice on any other legal matters related to relocation to this country. Our lawyer is ready to provide the most suitable solution to your particular case.