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Obtain a 190 Visa in Australia

Obtain a 190 Visa in Australia

Immigration in Australia can be achieved through work visas; in fact, most of the foreigners will arrive here for employment opportunities. One of the ways to relocate here is through the Skilled Nominated visa (the Subclass 190).

In order to be eligible to obtain a 190 visa in Australia the foreigner has to be a skilled employee who has received an invitation to apply for this document.

Our Australia migration lawyer has prepared the basic information foreigners should know, but for any additional details you can always address our attorney.

What are the basic eligibility criteria for the 190 visa in Australia?

An eligible candidate has to comply with many eligibility requirements. In order to obtain a 190 visa in Australia the applicant has to send an Expression of Interest, which, after being analyzed by the Department of Home Affairs, will result in the invitation to apply.

Of course, this can happen if the authorities consider the applicant an eligible one. The institution will then nominate the person for the Skilled Nominated visa.

After this, the applicant has to show evidence on the skills assessment required to obtain a 190 visa in Australia.
Besides this, the applicant must meet the following: 1) the age limit, 2) the minimum score, 3) English language requirements, 4) health requirements, 5) good character requirement.

How to obtain a 190 visa in Australia

In the first section, our immigration lawyer in Australia presented some of the basic requirements of this visa. Below, you can find out specific matters applicants should comply with:

  • the age of the applicant must be of maximum 45 years old before the invitation to apply is sent;
  • all applicants must have at least 65 points on their application;
  • in order to obtain the Skilled Nominated visa, applicants must pay a processing fee of minimum AUD 4,115;
  • please mind that the application process can take minimum 4 months to maximum 10 months;
  • most of the applications (90%) are processed in a period of 10 months.

For a smooth application process, the applicant should follow some steps. Firstly, one should verify if he or she meets the eligibility requirements for the Skilled Nominated Visa.

The most important aspects here are: 1) verify if the job qualifications are on the list that can help you obtain a 190 visa in Australia, 2) see if you can obtain at least 65 points and 3) make sure that you will not turn 45 before the Australian authorities send their invitation to apply.

What are the advantages of the 190 visa in Australia?

Besides having the right to migrate to Australia for work purposes, the visa grants permanent residency to eligible candidates. This is a major advantage for foreigners who want to permanently relocate here.

This visa offers the opportunity to work (and study, if necessary) anywhere in Australia, as opposed to regional visas, which grant the right to develop such activities only in certain territories.

Given that this is a visa for permanent residency, foreigners can relocate with their families. Family members must also comply with certain eligibility requirements.

For instance, if the applicant has children with an age above 16 years old, it is necessary that the children show evidence of meeting the good character requirements applicable in Australia.

The list of documents that have to be prepared in order to obtain a 190 visa in Australia is extensive; family members must also prepare an application file.

Because of this, we recommend you to get in touch with our Australia migration lawyer, who can help you prepare everything that is required for this immigration document. Please mind that this visa opens the pathway to citizenship as well.

If you want to apply for citizenship in Australia, you must know that the Australian authorities will charge a processing fee for the application.

The fee system has been modified starting with 1 July 2021 and the current standard application fee is of AUD 490 (for citizenship by conferral) and of AUD 315 for citizenship by descent. Renouncing the citizenship costs AUD 265.

With regards to the visas issued for residence in Australia on a permanent basis, foreigners can also apply for the Subclass 887 – Skilled regional visa, the Subclass 124 – Distinguished Talent visa or the Subclass 858 – Global Talent visa.

The processing fees will differ, for instance, the Subclass 124 will cost AUD 4,110, while the Subclass 858 will cost AUD 4,305.